Get To Know The Bro

Did you know that one in five men (21%) report feeling like they don't have anyone they can talk to about their problems or say they don't like talking about their problems? 53% of American Men between 18-34 feel pressured to be “Manly,” This lead to 39% of Men saying that they at times change their behavior to appear more Masculine. 

Men still feel judged when they talk about their feelings, but the good news is that all experts agree that emotional intelligence and better communication skills can be learned. 

This is why I started, "Pillow Talk With Bros: Exploring Masculinity With Open Beers and Open Hearts." It focuses on giving men the space to talk about the things they might not feel comfortable talking about, in hopes they can let go of resentment, embrace compassion, and live with integrity so we can be better men for the people we love. I aim to break the social stigma of vulnerability as a weakness for men, and show them that being vulnerable actually brings us closer to the people we love.